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Quiz in support of CHRISTIAN AID, May 2020




You can enter the quiz by printing it off, answering the questions on the paper, and then scanning and returning the paper. Alternatively, you can do your answers as a separate document, or include them in an e-mail, with all the questions and answers carefully numbered.


All the answers are in the public domain, and can be discovered by the use of Google/Wiki etc. However, why not test yourself by seeing how much you know, before going on line?


For people who don’t have access to electronic communication, it may be that some churches will be able to print off paper copies of the quiz, and arrange for their return.


The closing date for receiving entries will be Sunday 17th May. The highest scoring paper will receive a selection of Fairly Traded goodies. If there are several equal scores, the winner will be decided by the answer to the Tie Break question.


Please make a donation to Christian Aid as the price of entering. There is no suggested amount. Please be as generous as you can. You can give via one of the Ilkley Churches or by the special JustGiving website we have set up for this year:


Thank you for your support.



KNOW YOUR WORLD Quiz in support of CHRISTIAN AID, May 2020



1) In terms of land area, what is the biggest country in each of the following?

a) Asia

b) Europe

c) Africa


2) In terms of population, what is the biggest country in each of the following?

a) Asia

b) Europe

c) Africa


3) What were the following countries called before they became independent?

a) Ghana

b) Zambia

c) Burkina Faso


4) What is the main European language

of the following countries?

a) Senegal

b) Malawi

c) Mozambique


5) Which countries have the following as part of their flag?

a) a cedar tree

b) a maple leaf

c) a red dragon


6) What are the names of the three longest rivers in the world (longest first)?






7) What is the name of the highest mountain in each of the following?

a) South America

b) Africa

c) Great Britain

8) Ignoring Australia, what are the three largest islands in the world?





9) What is the capital city of each of the following countries?

a) Jamaica

b) Colombia

c) Bolivia


     10) Which countries in the world produce most of the following?

a) coffee

b) cocoa

c) tea



11) According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, how many people in the world are refugees (people who have had to leave their own country) or internally displaced (forced from home, but still in their home country)?

a) 30 million

b) 50 million

c) 70 million


12) From which three countries are most refugees coming at the moment?






13) In what year did the first Christian Aid Week take place?


14) In how many countries is Christian Aid currently working?



In no more than 30 words, tell us why you are happy to support Christian Aid.


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